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Copper Road Bar

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[ Deokwon Metal Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Copper Road Bar

│ Descriptions │

Various form and shape of each copper can be manufactured with highly advanced machines.
Especially, deformed trolley, etc. is widely used in electrical application and Copper I-beam,
Angles, Channels, etc. can be widely used in heavy industry.

│ Function │

We are producing and supplying high quality copper bus bar with highly pure copper through melting, extrusion,
rolling and drawing process satisfying chemical compositions, mechanical properties, conductivity, etc.
required commonly in overall industry.
It has superior electrical and thermal conductivity and thin spreadability and is good in weldability,
corrosion and weather proof. There is no threat of causing hydrogen embrittlement even it is heated to a high temperature
in a reducing atmosphere. It is used in electric and chemical industry.


│ Feature │

Many different types of profile bus bar (Trolley, I-Beam, Angle, Channel, etc.), ground copper rods, ground copper plates and lightning rods are used.

│ Specification │

Copper Round is available in the hard drawn Alloy 110 and comes in 12' lengths.
Also known as ETP copper bar or bus bar